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In their own words, Nixon make the little things better. The stuff you have that isn't noticed first, but can't be ignored. They pay attention to it. They argue about it. They work day and night to make the little things as good as it can be, so when you wear it, you feel like you've got a leg up on the rest of the world. Nixon believe that you warrant a lot of respect. When you choose to wear a watch, put on your headphones, or select a wallet to hold your hard earned cash, you deserve to have something that reflects your entire package. You may not know how to say it, but you've got something to say and you can't slap on an off-the-shelf piece and consider yourself you. That's why in ’98 they started Nixon and that's why all these years later, they're still here smashing out the best stuff time and time again. Nestled comfortably against the Pacific Ocean in Southern California and with offices tucked neatly next to some of the best spots in Europe, Australia, and Asia you'll find Nixon people quietly doing what they do. They make accessories to reflect who they are and the life they live. They travel to all of the corners of the globe to experience life and it is through these explorations, the people they meet and the journey to get there that takes shape in the things that they create. The company started as a frustration at a lack of quality watches that simultaneously do the talking for you and has since grown into a group of athletes, rock stars, retailers, and dedicated loyalists that bring Nixon products to market. Fueled by adventures far and wide and often sometimes by those that happen just down the street they deliver products that meet your needs in various high-stress work and play environments. It is through their dedicated team’s perspectives that they contribute to a single unified expression: team-designed, custom-built accessories for a life well lived. Welcome to Nixon, they make the best stuff better and a full range of Nixon watches, accessories and clothing is available instore at Whirlwind Sports, Truro in our bespoke Nixon Instore Concept.