We offer a free Gait Analysis at Whirlwind Sports

29a River Street, Truro, Cornwall

A typical Gait Analysis takes approximately 45 minutes to complete by our fully trained staff.


What is a Gait Analysis? Gait analysis is the formal measurement of walking and running patterns, a Gait Analysis test is used to determine the best footwear for your running style.

How is it done? At Whirlwind Sports, Truro, Cornwall, we will access your stationary foot using a foot posture index and then observe your gait using a treadmill and video analysis software. Once analysed our fully trained staff can recommend the best footwear for you.

Why is this important? The repetitive nature of running can (and probably will) cause injuries to occur if the footwear used doesn't match your running requirements.

Who will benefit? All runners regardless of their running level or training load. Whether you're jogging around Truro or running a marathon, a gait analysis from Whirlwind Sports in Truro will help you.

Email info@whirlwindsports.com or call us on 01872277763 to book your free Gait Analaysis now