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Tasked with the mission of making the best running shoe possible. The goal is to maximize all four core long-distance running features: light weight, stability, fit, and cushioning., 
we create the most technologically advanced products to help you run in your own unique CUSHIONING & BOUNCE

ASICS GEL™ technology reduces impact, increases shock absorption and is strategically placed for maximum comfort.


ASICS GEL™ technology impacts both the rearfoot and forefoot by strategically placing gel where it does the most good. Rearfoot GEL™technology reduces impact during heel strike and allows for a smooth transition while Forefoot GEL™technology enhances shock reduction during forward movement. ASICS diverse construction and density deliver multiple layers of softer foam to promote increased cushioning and comfort.

BENEFIT HOW YOU FEEL;Increased Comfort over long distances, Better Stability from strategic placement, More Natural run style for optimum performance

The FLYTEFOAM™technology in the midsole promotes a pillowy ride and some added bounce. Under the heel where the foot first hits the ground, it has been redesigned to isolate impact while the new heel design's deeper forefoot flex grooves and softer midsole foam create a smoother ride.

SUPPORT & STABILITY : Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body and refers to the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing.For the overpronators Asics have developed several technologies; the Guidance Line, Guidance Trusstic and Doumax foam. 

ASICS technology means adaptive support and smoother transitions during long distance runs.

ASICS GUIDANCE LINE™ runs along the under-side of the shoe, its technology promotes forefoot flexion across the joints reducing soreness and increasing comfort. GUIDANCE LINE™ technology lets your foot and shoe work in unison for greater support and balance.The arched bent groove shifts stress to the outer sole. This creates balance between the sole of the shoe where the foot bends and the motion of the heel raise.

BENEFIT HOW YOU FEEL;Better Fit Groove placement promotes fit of foot to shoe, More Comfort from the arched bent groove support, Reduced Foot Stress with advanced sole structure alignment

ASICS GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC™technology sits on the under-side of the outsole in the mid foot position, which means adaptive support and smoother transitions during long distance runs. TRUSSTIC™ technology reduces local pressure by flexing safely under normal running circumstances but becomes rigid if the arch of the foot rolls too much, adapting in response to whatever terrain you encounter.Made of two carbon-reinforced supports, the reinforcement aspect of the truss, situated in the arch, has a space between the upper and lower layers designed to intuitively respond under excessive load. This response aids comfort, support, and smoother transitions.

BENEFIT HOW YOU FEEL;Improved Stability on all types of terrains, Positive Recoil decreasing running fatigue, Personalized Flexion reduces local pressure

DUOMAX™: In conjunction with GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC™ technology, this precisely shaped dual density midsole is positioned in the arch of the foot to adjust to dynamic motion and provide adaptive stability.


ASICS DUOMAX™ inset slope technology reduces stress on the foot caused by over pronation to bring you a more comfortable run. Set at a 35-degree angle, the DUOMAX™ technology inset slope works with the ASICS Trusstic technology to create a counter-balance of optimal smoothness in each individual stride.A section of the inside of the midsole has been constructed with a firm sponge. This controls inward rolling of the heel that occurs when the foot touches down at the end of the step.

BENEFIT HOW YOU FEEL; More stability, dual materials prevent overpronation, increased firmness in the midsole where you need it,smoother transitions with reduced pressure, stride becomes smoother.

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