Whirlwind Sports Podcast

Welcome to the Every Step Matters Podcast where we discuss all things health and well-being. Hear from many people who have been able to turn it around and they have offered their insights and tips towards mental and physical wellbeing.

Episode 6; Discover how to Plan, Prepare and Prioritise your health and well-being

In this episode we interview world record holder and 7 time British Powerlifting champion Ian Humphries and discuss how to Plan, Prepare and Prioritise your mental and physical health for a better you.

Episode 5; The journey to becoming a professional rugby player

In this episode we interview professional rugby player Billy Keast and discuss his journey to becoming an Exeter Chief and starting a business from scratch.

Episode 4; Is it time to join a CrossFit gym?

In this episode we talk about the sport of CrossFit and discuss the benefits and the misconceptions people have around the sport. We also highlight the benefits of what CrossFit can do for your physical and mental health.

Episode 3; Discussing Sleep and Nutrition for a healthier you.

In this episode we discuss Sleep and Nutrition with IgniteYou Cornwall’s Becci Gowers and deep dive into the dos and don’t to help improve your life.

Episode 2; Ellie and Beth SAS: Who Dares Wins

This episode covers all things health and well-being with our very own Cornish sisters Ellie Gregor and Beth Robinson, their behind the scenes SAS who dares wins experience and their daily habits around maintaining mental and physical health.

Episode 1; Meet Dan Solly

Find out how Dan, a session musician became a Team GB athlete. We explore Dans health and well-being journey with valued tips and he highlights areas which you can take advantage of in pursuing your own activity / journey.

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