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Brooks have been synonymous with running for in excess of 100 years. Brooks use a range of midsole foams from their lightweight BioMoGo DNA to the superior cushioning of their DNA Loft. The entire construction of their shoes from the mesh upper to the tongue the heel cup and even the 3D print logo, all go towards providing the runner with a ‘Distraction Free’ fit. 

To add comfort to every stride, they use two types of cushioning. 1. DNA LOFT, their softest cushioning, instantly adapts to the runners’ individual stride, weight, and speed using a unique blend of materials to offer lightweight softness without sacrificing durability. Their lightweight 2. BioMoGo DNA also adapts to your specific weight, pace, gait, and style but provides a more balanced experience than DNA LOFT: soft cushioning with just a touch of spring.

With Brooks it’s about guidance, not correction.

There’s no right nor wrong way to run, only your way. Brooks are not here to alter the way you run but can help you stabilize your stride. Your Run Signature is unique to you and how your body wants to move. After years of research in the lab and consulting with runners, Brooks have created a running technology to determine your individual Run Signature by comparing how your body naturally wants to move and how you move whilst running. 

This result determines the level of support you may need from your shoes.

For half of all runners, their movements off the run and on the run are in sync — they call them “Neutral” runners. Those who deviate from that baseline are called “Support” runners.

For Support runners, minimising deviation of excess knee movement can help to stabilise your run — that’s where GuideRails™ support technology comes in. Support runners may rely on GuideRails all the time, while Neutral runners might only use them when their stride falls out of place. Either way, many runners benefit from some level of support for their unique running style on the run.

Designed to offer total support for your run, GuideRails® technology delivers holistic support that allows your hips, knees, and joints to move the way you naturally do. Think of GuideRails support like the bumpers in bowling, keeping you in your natural motion path by reducing excess movement.

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