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Gait Analysis Explained

We offer a completely FREE Gait Analysis to access the way you walk and run.

This service is completely FREE, whether you buy from us or not.

You can complete your Gait Test at:

Whirlwind Sports, 29a River Street Truro
Whirlwind Sports, 32 Market Place, Penzance 
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What is a Gait Analysis?

A Gait analysis is the formal measurement of walking and running patterns, a Gait Analysis test is used to determine the correct level of support whilst recommending the correct footwear for your walking or running needs.

How is it done?

At Whirlwind Sports, we will access your stationary foot using a foot posture index and then observe your running pattern using a treadmill and video analysis software. Once analysed our fully trained staff can recommend the best footwear for you based upon the evidence of the video analysis.

Why is this important?

The repetitive nature of running can (and probably will) cause injuries to occur if the footwear used doesn't match your running requirements.

Who will benefit?

All runners regardless of their running level or training load. Whether you're jogging around Cornwall or running a marathon, a gait analysis from Whirlwind Sports will help you.

Why us?

The Gait Analysis is carried out by members of Whirlwind Sports staff that are trained in the technical aspects of each brand and more importantly by Steven Bloor DPODM a registered podiatrist at Cornwall Podiatry with over 30 years experience in treating people.

What can i expect from a Gait Analysis?

  • Verbal Analysis

We will have a short chat about any injuries, your running background and what information you need from an analysis.

  • Foot Posture Types / Navicular Drop Test

The purpose of this is to find the navicular drop. We will measure the height of the Navicular bone whilst you're sitting and then remeasure whilst you're standing. The difference between the first and second measurement is the navicular drop. A difference of >10 mm is considered significant excessive foot pronation. 

  • Visual 10 Meter Walking Analysis
We will simply watch as you walk bare foot at normal walking speed.

  •  Walking Video Analysis
You'll be asked to walk at a normal speed for around 20 seconds on a treadmill as we video your walking gait.

  •  Jogging Video Analysis
Exactly this same as the walking test but this time you'll be asked to jog at a comfortable speed for around 20 seconds on a treadmill as we video your jogging gait.

  • Test Results / How You Move
We'll watch the video back and together see the evidence that your gait test results in.

  • Try Some Footwear
The fit and size of your footwear is as important as the test itself, so we'll try some different styles of footwear. At this point you're welcome to use the treadmill again if you want to.

  • Complete
At this point, we'll have recommended what type of footwear best suits your movement style, you'll hopefully have tried and few pairs of shoes and be confident that you now have the evidence you need to purchase the correct footwear from wherever you choose.

Using the correct footwear will improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.


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