Head Extreme 135

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Head Extreme 135

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Head Extreme 135 Squash Racket
The EXTREME 135 SQUASH RACQUET, which has been upgraded with a new, metallic design, is an even-balanced all-rounder for the power club player.
With its power and even balance, the teardrop-shaped EXTREME 135 SQUASH RACQUET is an all-rounder that will suit the club player who feels at home on all parts of the court. The 135g frame is durable, with a thin shaft, and constructed for excellent power transfer. The Innegra™ technology, a hybrid-composite structure which is integrated into the racquet, delivers advanced shock absorption and enhanced stability. The EXTREME 135 is offered with a new, modern design with metallic, earthy tones. 

• Even-balanced frame for the power club player 
• Excellent power transfer 
• Innegra™ technology for advanced shock absorption and enhanced stability
• New, modern design with metallic, earthy tones

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